Our Admission

Breakthroughs happen at the intersection of fields — an ESTG University Porto Novo Campus specialty. Renowned faculty explore side by side with students, collaborating on research, tackling society’s biggest challenges, and delivering work that matters.  As an undergraduate at ESTG University Benin, you’ll be encouraged to be curious – to shift your thinking into new realms of possibility. And you’ll experience unique learning opportunities that will help you achieve your ambitions – no matter how sky-high. Because of our distinctive approach to learning and teaching, by the time you graduate, you’ll have valuable connections to help further your life and career goals.

Admission to undergraduate degree programs are based on academic achievement at the secondary level. All applicants are expected to satisfy procedures and criteria for admission to ESTG UNIVERSITY-BENIN, and to submit acceptable original documents which verify that they have satisfactorily completed, and met all admission requirements. Once you have submitted this application form below, our Admissions Office will review your form and revert to you to begin the application process. We keep track of all our applicants and do follow up exercises until they are admitted. We care even before the journey begins. You can download also download copy of our application form Here, or fill the Online form below. 

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